The Best Way To Remove Authentication Errors. Mail For This Account Was Not Received

Over the past few weeks, some of our users have experienced a known authentication failure error code. Mail for this account was not received. This issue occurs due to several factors. Let’s discuss this below.

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    For Gmail users, there are several reasons why Gmail authentication failed: Using the wrong email/password from. You are also using the wrong server port. Imap is not enabled in Gmail settings. Account not authenticated with google/google Authentication after posting failed (most common issue)

    authentication error. mail from this account has not been retrieved

    Everyone will be happy to know that Apptivo is now 100% integrated with any standard Gmail mail, which allows us to collect, synchronize, customize and our emails using CRM and Google. But if someone tries to authenticate an email address, you may encounter authentication related errors. If you don’t already have a Boss, go to the creation guide to see where how and click on your account.

    For Gmail users, there are already several reasons why Gmail authentication fails when setting up email:

    1. Typically uses wrong email address/password
    2. You may be using the wrong server port.
    3. IMAP not enabled in settings in Gmail
    4. Account is not authenticated by Google/Email due to Google authentication failure (most common problem)
    5. Gmail 2-Step Verification

    What Is The Correct Server? p And Port Number?

    How do I fix authentication failed?

    Change flight mode.Forget about the main Wi-Fi network and reconnect.Reboot your wireless router. Howyou see the network change from to dhcp static.Reset network settings.

    After you confirm your email address and password, make sure you have accessed these values ​​in the following form:
    Port: 993

    How To Check If Imap Is Enabled In Gmail Settings?

    How do I fix my email authentication error?

    Reset your email password.Open our messaging app and check your date settings: update your password with your new personal password, case sensitive. Make sure your login for is the full name.Email address in [email protected] your email product working now? If not, here are probably some tips:

    By default, IMAP access is disabled for the last Gmail account. Set up your email and click here to read Google’s guide on how to make it possible with IMAP.

    Apptivo Authentication For Synchronization

    This Gmail is the most common problem that causes validation errors. After the first attempt to enter a username and password in Apptivo, you can still get an exclusive error if all the information is beyond doubt correct. This is because google uses many different protections to ensure that spam is not usually sent from your email account.

    How do I authenticate my Gmail account?

    Go to Google 2-Step Verification.Click Start.On the “Get Verification” page, two-step click “Steps”.Sign in to all applicable Gmail accounts.Click here to cancel your two-step verification.Enter the desired phone number by voice, as well as in a text message.Click Send Code.

    After this authentication from Apptivo, you would like to receive an email from Google informing you of possible unauthorized access to your account. This is 100% rumor expectations. Now all you have to do is manually authenticate your current account by going to the manual account unlock page on the Google website. After this page submission, you actually have 10 minutes to authenticate the account. Just go back to the apptivo path and try again with the same email/password until you are authenticated.

    Learn More About Apptivo’s IMAP Email Integration

    If you don’t understand our integration once and for all, click Email Perfect to read an overview of each of our email mail sync CRMs. If you’re still having issues, check out our handy guide.

    What Is Two-step Google Mail?

    To set an hourly password just for your Gmail address authentication, click here to read Google’s 2-Step Verification guide.

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