Tips To Fix Grub Error 17 After Uninstalling Ubuntu

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    You may see grub error 17 after uninstalling Ubuntu. There are a number of steps you can take to resolve this issue, and we’ll get to them shortly.

    How do I fix grub Error 17 on Windows 10?

    grub boot error If a person encounters grub 17 boot error, you need to make sure that your calculated root(x,y) parameters in your company’s grub are correct.Boot your computer from a working Live CD.Run this Fdisk command: sudo –l.Your 1:

    In addition to Windows, you have already configured the operating system for your laptop,Consisting of components, two with Ubuntu. This dual boot system seemed fine until you decided to wipe the Ubuntu Linux partition from Windows for some funny reason. Oh my god, now you have no tactics, since you can not find a way to boot your Windows system. You often get prompted to rescue Grub when you reboot this laptop, and basically the Grub bootloader is messed up. Don’t you worry, contact the address. Can we solve

    How do I fix grub error in Ubuntu?

    know the original reason for the estimate. Boot a live CD, from a DVD, possibly from a USB drive.Step 2: Mount part of the root partition.Step 3: Be any CHROOT.Step 4: Remove grub from only two of the packages.Step 5 Reinstall: Grub Tools.Step 6: You Section:

    We fixed this issue by fixing these special grub bootloader configurations. Solution Features These have been tested multiple times to ensure they work on most devices. There are usually two situations when you encounter a bootloader error. Let’s read one by one and immediately they will jump to the correct solution below.

    Unable To Boot Windows On Ubuntu And Windows Partitions

    How do I fix GRUB bootloader after deleting Ubuntu partition?

    Power on, unmount the laptop and start Ubuntu OS.Run a terminal command (Ctrl+Alt+T) from Ubuntu.mainIn a terminal window, repeat the sudo Update-grub: command.Press Enter.customEnter the sudo master password when prompted to send the command.

    You may have problems with ezah=”280″ even if you are all still running both operating systems on your laptop. In this case Ubuntu and Windows 10 partitions are not damaged. However, your needs may run into problems because this grub menu is notshows a specific Windows boot option. In such cases, you can easily restore the Windows boot option based on the operating system selection menu:


  • The Ubuntu and Windows partitions are on the active hard drive.
  • Both operating systems are intact.
  • Windows boot options do not currently appear in the list of bootloaders.
  • Solution:

  • Turn on and log into the Trainer operating system.
  • Starting Ubuntu In ubuntu run the terminal command (Ctrl+Alt+T).
  • Type in command in each terminal window: sudo update-grub
  • Press Enter.
  • Enter your sudo password when prompted to run the command.
  • At org/2000/ svg%22%20width=%22490%22%20height=% in the terminal recovery window, you should see the grub config file being created again.A few seconds after the Windows (10) startup bootloader, the New at.< close /p> prompt appears
    grub error 17 after deleting ubuntu

    Now the machine and restart the laptop. When your system reboots, you will be able to see the option to start in Windows.

    Remote Ubuntu Cannot Bootь To The Windows Section

    Dual booting is a great way to improve your productivity as it gives you the best of both worlds. Most users use it on their end because it can help you get your work done if the operating system lets you down. However, the following can easily lead to problems if you accidentally or intentionally delete an Ubuntu Linux partition. This usually causes the Windows Boot Manager to crash, causing Ubuntu to crash with the grub bootloader. if so, you clean up the linux hard drive partition and just reboot the laptop, you will get the grub rescue prompt again. Let me see how to fix this bootloader boot corruption issue;


  • Double or desktop notepad
  • Ubuntu partition removed from Windows boot
  • no longer in the OS.Grub window
  • show rescue> when on the main screen.You
  • If you encounter this problem, boot into Grub Rescue and you’ll get an error that there are no such partitions.

    What you need:

  • Ubuntu USB drive, CDs loadedor.
  • Sufficient laptop battery or power adapter.
  • A working internet connection (laptop wi-fi may work at the moment (driver files are missing). You may need an appropriate ethernet cable connected to the laptop for a direct network connection)
  • Solution:

  • Insert bootable Ubuntu CD or USB stick into laptop.
  • Restart your system
  • Enter your system’s BIOS settings (Ctrl+Alt+Delete or F9 depending on your Ubuntu system manufacturer)
  • Select USB CD or to boot from BIOS settings.
  • Waiting for Ubuntu to boot from USB/CD.
  • Select the “Install without Ubuntu” test option (You don’t have to create an Ubuntu operating system. Most Linux distributions have an “Install Test” option without. It can help you install a live OS from a USB drive.)
  • Boot from terminal created by Ubuntu (Ctrl+Alt+T)
  • Type the following command sudo apt-get install lilo and press enter (this attempt to downloadit and will use the file with a discount on the Internet).
  • Press Enter to jump to the frequently displayed dialog box. Now
  • type second Lilo direction sudo -M /dev/sda so mbr press Enter.
  • This command creates a large backup of the current configurations, finally a bootable backup and folder, now the Ubuntu terminal will show the success text “Main completed boot record from /dev/sda updated”.

    This is the situation, now you can get it and turn off the computer AND remove the Ubuntu CD or USB from the system. Now turn on (boot) the laptop/desktop and the system will indeed boot directly into Windows as it does by default. Read:

    How do I fix a deleted grub?

    Boot from Live linux CD or USB stick.Switch to Live mode if cd is available in the market.Launch Terminal.Youfind Linux partition with working GRUB configurationcreate a temporary mount website for the Linux partition.Mount the partition in linux to the newly created long-lived directory.17:

    also How to modify GRUB using the GRUB customizer

    How To Fix Grub Bootloader After Deleting Ubuntu Linux Partition

    grub error 17 after deleting ubuntu

    Most of us (including our team) running a Windows 10/Ubuntu Linux dual boot configuration on our PC may have experienced this shortcoming. We have tested this GRUB bootloader to fix it with various systems and configurations because n recommended for all kinds of problems.

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  • We know how tiring it can be to waste valuable time looking for workarounds and regret getting your computer back up and running. why Here I have presented the easiest way to boot for Windows support after installing/uninstalling Ubuntu Linux.

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