How To Fix Ntfs Cannot Open Volume For Direct Access In Vista

If NTFS can’t open a volume for direct access to Vista on your PC, this article should help you fix the problem.

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    Which is better chkdsk R or F?

    When mounting drives, CHKDSK /R scans the entire surface of the computer sector by sector to make sure each sector can be properly scanned. So CHKDSK /R takes much longer than /F because it deals with the finished disk surface, not just the parts included in the table of contents.

    In this type of article, you will find solutions that can fix the error – CHKDSK cannot get volume for direct access when owners try to check hard drives, such as a new damaged hard drive, USB key, someone else’s hard drive, etc. There are three effective running processes in total.

    Will CHKDSK delete sensitive data? ways to recover deleted CHKDSK files in a few steps.

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  • 1. Download and install ASR Pro
  • 2. Open the program and click "Scan"
  • 3. Click "Repair" to start the restoration process

  • How easy it is to recover data from hard drives is always of great public interest. the good news is that there are solutions that work.

    • CHKDSK cannot open volume due to primary access problem
    • Reasons for leaving and how to deal with it
    • How DiskInternals can help you

    Why CHKDSK Can’t Open A Package For Direct Access

    Why does direct access say Cannot open volume?

    Causes CHKDSK simply cannot open the volume to issue direct access. Unfortunately, the most common and real reason is almost deadCD that cannot open the volume for direct USB access. Another donor is software that has experience blocking system processes (mostly anti-virus packages do this).

    Unfortunately, the most common and real reasonina is a nearly empty hard drive that cannot free up a volume for direct USB access.

    Another factor is software that allows you to block system activities (usually done by anti-virus programs).

    Method 2: Stop Third-party Antivirus Or Other Software

    Now disable all possible third-party features and programs in the “Properties” section. After that, it is usually recommended to reboot the system. Then directly check if you can see the full volume. If everything should be in order, then the antivirus is to blame; it works too well. From now on, just before using chkdsk, disable everything for a while.

    If this choice doesn’t change anything, consider another solution that suits you better.

    Method 4: Try Running CHKDSK On A Clean Boot

    Next, in the System Configuration section, check the box for all tab services. Do not show Microsoft services. These methods, which only create services that are not created next to Microsoft, appear I’m on the best computer. Disable everything, instead remember the current configuration of each service (write it down or use our screenshot) to restore the services internally in the same order after booting with a flush.

    After disabling unnecessary services, open the Start tab and frequently click the “Open Task Manager” link. Disable all items, but save the original settings information again later to restore it.

    CHKDSK Does Not Open Volume For Direct Access

    CHKDSK is often used to check not only possible hard drives, but certain types of removable media for errors. This utility does an excellent job, but sometimes when checking, you may receive such a message: “CHKDSK must not open the volume for access”, directly, or something similar. After that, the Winchester goes crazy with actions. Of course, users immediately panic because such a result in events is incorrect.

    Chkdsk does not open the volume for direct access.

    Method 1: Restart Your Computer

    First you need to remove the computerter from the network. If you are using a laptop, be aware that the battery must be removed. Also turn off all external devices and only after that press the button for a minute or maybe a little less.

    Is not accessible the volume does not contain?

    Always right-click RAW drive, USB, SD card > Format volume > Reset file system (NTFS/FAT32, etc.) and rename device; Click “Finish” to get a complete troubleshooting to fix “The volume does not contain a recognized file system” on storage devices.

    After that, turn on the computer as usual and check if the SD card error can not open the volume for access redirection or not.

    If chkdsk cannot directly open the login volume, restart your computer.
    If opening chkdsk is not burdensome for individual access, stop third party software.

    Method 3. Data Backup

    ntfs cannot open volume for direct access vista

    This application should be used before using CHKDSK, as the data being recovered may be corrupted (and most likely will be, since CHKDSK immediately cuts the data into small pieces). DiskInternals Uneraser has never let anyone down and can be trusted. A program to recover music, photos, videos, documents and more. The wizard is available to anyone using the beautiful, accessible interface. This will allow the buyer to useHave a strategy with any level of education. The free preview is a great deposit bonus and a safety net for you and your money. Support is available not only in our licensed version, but also in each of our trial versions. Therefore, you can go through all the recovery steps for free and even view the files; To export, you need to purchase a license along the way.

    But don’t worry, you can do it online at any time. After that, the ideal specialists of the company seem able to help you out in even more difficult situations. So let’s finally recover your data.

    If chkdsk can’t accurately open the access volume, run chkdsk in remote boot.

    Method 5: Formatting Can Be An Option

    ntfs cannot open volume for direct access vista

    If an important file is missing or it is a backup, you can format the hard drive or possibly the SD card, but always remember that most of all data will be erased. Login

    How do I fix my external hard drive Cannot be open?

    Make sure your external drive is enabled. This is a completely new prep step, but still worth checking out.Check the disk in Disk Management.Try a different USB port while the computer is running.Troubleshoot device drivers.Create a new disk volume.Format as an external drive.

    Simply insert the hard drive into your computer and right-click it in File Explorer. Then also press “Format” and Run this process every time with our wizard. It won’t take long, otherwise your hard drive will be brand new.

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