Troubleshooting High CPU Usage Vsmon Exe The Easiest Way

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    Over the past few days, some users have been reporting to us that they are facing high CPU usage of vsmon exe. vsmon.exe is a special core component of the proprietary ZoneAlarm firewall that monitors Internet traffic and then generates alerts based on the security rules that users configure in ZoneAlarm. Get more detailed information about vsmon.exe and all other interoperability processes started with the Security Task Manager.

    Vsmon.exe is a good executable and well-known application for True Vector Internet Monitor. It can be called one of the main tools, the ZoneAlarm personal firewall, which was invented by Zone Labs. Purchased from Check Point. In conclusion, Vsmon.Is exe is not malware with a virus and is safe.

    What Is Msmon.exe?

    Vsmon.exe is an integral part of the scanning engine thanks to ZoneAlarm. Monitors internet traffic and generates alerts and notifications. Based on user-defined security policies.

    The ZoneAlarm firewall’s network ports are divided into zones. It has two special zones – the Internet zone and the trusted sector. For the local network and the Internet, the trusted zone includes everything that is not included in the trusted zone.

    ZoneAlarm works by asking the user to allow certain programs to access the Internet.

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  • ZoneAlarm has a flaw. Takes up a lot of CPU resources, and memory slows down the laptop. CPU usage can reach 45%.

    What is TrueVector Internet monitor?

    TrueVector Internet Monitor is part of the True Vector Service firewall system on computers running the Windows XP operating system. TrueVector monitors Internet traffic on your company’s Windows XP computers and alerts you to potential incoming security threats and unauthorized access.

    You can also consider free alternatives to Windows Defender for Protect your system.

    Average File Size And Location

    Vsmon.exe is about 3.6-4.5 MB in size, although it is usually attached to the C:WindowsSystem32ZoneLabs folder. If you have Windows 10 (64-bit), the item may also be located in C:Program Files (x86)CheckPointZoneAlarm.

    Is Vsmon.exe A Virus Too?

    Does ZoneAlarm slow down computer?

    Solution? Install comprehensive and easy-to-use virus protection software such as ZoneAlarm Extreme Security, ZoneAlarm’s powerful security suite. When your problem disk is almost full, your processing power can drop by 50%. But your hard drive might be low and your memory can be filled.

    Vsmon.exe is a legitimate program from Zone Labs and is trustworthy to have stored on your system. But if malware mimics its name and know-how, it can become dangerous. In that case, it would indeed make sense to quarantine it or dispose of it.

    You can check for reliable malware with a similar name in step 2:

  • If the suspicious program is not listed in C:Program Files (x86)CheckpointZoneAlarm
  • Unless provided by Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. is digitally signed
  • If you can have a good time on the web, use a free bandwidth monitor to log large amounts of web data with the software.

    High CPU Usage

    You may notice that Vsmon.exe is consuming a lot of CPU resources.In this case, the following steps can usually be used to resolve this issue.

    If you are using an older version of Zonealarm, it is recommended that you upgrade to the latest released version. You can download ZoneAlarm for free from the official website – here

    If the above setting does not reduce the additional CPU usage of Vsmon.exe, we can temporarily disable it and see if the problem is resolved.

    1) Click on the Windows logo, type services and click

    2) Find ZoneAlaram (status should be “Running”), right click it and go to “Properties”.

    3) Select “Disable startup” from the “Record” drop-down list, click “Apply” and “OK”.

    Reboot your system and any high CPU usage issues should be resolved.

    How Can I Help You Remove It?

    If all the above tricks don’t work, or if you want Vsmon.exe to no longer run on your system, follow these steps to remove it permanently.

    vsmon exe high cpu usage

    1) Click on the Windows logo, type control panel and click on it

    3) Find ZoneAlarm, double click on it and try to remove it.

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    Does ZoneAlarm work Windows 10?

    There is probably a new version of ZoneAlarm which unfortunately is compatible with Windows 10 and really wants to install itself.


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    vsmon exe high cpu usage

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